CyprusZone offers widely accepted and secure gift card system, so you can gift our cards to your loved ones, friends and family members. Our cards can be redeemed at more than 500 locations in Cyprus such as; hotels, restaurants, malls, stores, beach clubs and even at holiday agencies. With our large outlet network, your loved ones can simply redeem the cards on anything they like.

Thousands of Cypriots like giving and receiving gifts in various occasions, we all enjoy gifts such as massages at SPAs, nice dining experiences, electronic goods, nice dresses and accessories, or simply anything!

Our cards simply saves you the time and hassle on deciding what present to buy, and offers your loved ones the possibility of choosing their preferred goods and services for their pleasure.

Additionally, our cards are fully digital and we issue them right after your payment. You don’t need to wait for any plastic cards, delivery etc. Just give the voucher code to the shop, and walk out with your present! You don’t need to do or pay anything extra!*

Many shops, restaurants, hotels and malls are ready to offer you a V.I.P. experience with your CyprusZone cards.

* Gift card (or available remaining credit on it) should cover the whole amount of your purchase.